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  • Flight School near Munich - Germany
    Since 1981, we train in our flight school from Private Pilot up to Airline Transport Pilot
  • 12 self-owned aircrafts
    We operate with twelve aircrafts. From Cessna 150 for the basics up to Piper Seneca III Turbo.
    For the IFR and CPL training, several simulators used (including a FNPT II MCC Jet).
  • Charter
    Of course, our fleet of aircrafts is available for charter and time building.
  • Instruments
    Our aircraft are top equipped so you have at all times the overview.

Welcome at HAEUSL´AIR

northeast of Munich is your Flight school

Inform yourself. Leave no questions unanswered.

Do you want to learn to fly? Extend your skills? Tailored to your needs, safe and fast? You wish to be more than just a number? Looking for professional training and sensible costs? PPL(A) through ATPL(A) and Boeing 737 300-800 type rating? Airline standards and rapid copilots training?

Let us briefly introduce to you our flying school enterprise, D-FTO 1.005 (flight training organisation). We are licensed to train all levels from private pilot and commercial pilot with instrument rating through to advanced transport pilot qualitifcation including MCC and Boeing 737 300-800 type rating.

We have been in operation at Landshut-Ellermühle airfield (30 car minutes northeast of Frankfuter Ring, Munich) for well 30 years. Throughout these years we have always sought to combine first class service with honest, no-nonsense prices. Our customised, sound and safe instruction is reknown and popular in many countries well outside Germany. As we own each aircraft in our fleet they are all thoroughly equipped and maintenance adheres to the highest standards. Presently there are 12 aircraft, a complimentary FNPT (G), a FNPT II MCC JET737 and a FNPT II twin turbo with visual panoramic simulation available for your training.

Professional training methods combined with personal guidance and individual time schedules will enable you to complete all stages at our flying school from PPL(A) through to ATPL(A) right up to the Boeing 737 300-800 type rating alongside your job or other vocational training. Our compact ATPL-training may be done „full time" and with sufficient effort can be managed within just over a year. Our „ATPL ab initio – the classical continuous training" is only available FULL TIME and follows a fixed time table.
Theoretical instruction comes as a unit embracing distance learning and classroom tuition. From 2010 on classroom based group instruction for all modular syllabuses is chiefly held at weekends (PPL-A and phase 1 / 2 of ATPL-training) or is conducted in contiguous blocks as detailed in our timetable (cf. TERMINE). 98% of all our pupils are either working or students in tertiary education. They all pursue their „dream of flying" in their spare time. A transports pilots license combined with a college degree or a teaching qualification has many advantages. Talk to us about your goals! We will help you in making the correct choices in preparation for a rewarding professional career. Naturally also in English – for our foreign students. Practical tuition is equally tailored to suit your individual needs. Right from the start – irrespective of whether you wish to become a „private pilot" or whether you are heading straight for the cockpit – we place the greatest emphasis on a streamlined and professional syllabus. Several of our regular ATPL instructors are themselves employed with the big airlines (Lufthansa, AirBerlin, CityLine, Hapag Lloyd etc.). While still involved in your ATPL Training you will have the opportunity to gather „trip experience in the cockpit". We will be happy to arrange such cockpit flights with diverse airlines.

Our ATPL – courses offer a choice among one of three different sylabus options:

  1. Modular training including PPL(A): This option also allows for all „direct entries" to continue training begun elsewhere including hours already flown being awarded under certain conditions. This training option is perhaps the financially most attractive way of getting your ATPL.
  2. ATPL-compact module: In this training option you begin as a „pedestrian" and end up in a dual staffed cockpit. You may compose the syllabus to suit your own needs providing all legally required training modules have been completed.You will have the opportunity to accumulate many additional hours dual time and this way rapidly prepare yourself for professional cockpit work while simultaneously „gathering hours". Right from the beginning you will be able to train intensively on our FNPT II Twin Turbo AND on our FNPT II MCC JET 737, as well as on our Cessna 172 RG trainer and on the PA-34 220T (SENECA III) twin. During all this access to our „paper tiger" as well as the CBT workstations is free of charge. There is probably no better preparatoin for the challenging job in a twin manned cockpit. Just ask for the ATPL compact module – a completely novel training approach!
  3. ATPL ab initio – the classical continuous training option: for single minded pupils who wish to concentrate completely and exclusively on their transport pilots training. This requires 750 hours of theory lessons taught in a classroom as well as continuous practical instruction which is closely interwoven to match respective stages of theory instruction. This course stretches over 18 to 36 months, is very intensive and naturally also a bit more expensive.

Let us make you an offer. Then discuss with us which of the three options is best for you. The last two ATPL training modules finish up with the MCC (Multi Crew Coordination Concept) which naturally is included in the price. All our tariffs have been soundly and responsibly calculated. The costs as well as the objectives of all individual training steps are clearly tabulated for PPL(A) as well as for ATPL. Our table of tariffs contains no hidden costs but clearly and concisely breaks down all items down to every single hour. There will be no surprises on the final bill. Our school is monitored by the German aviation authority (Luftfahrt Bundesamt, LBA).

Our aircraft are serviced at our own technical maintenance plant, itsself again licensed and monitored by the LBA. Our simulator site in Ingolstadt features modern, state of the art equipment. Our FNPT II MCC JET is licensed for MCC and offers training for screenings, keeping your IFR skills up to scratch as well as the opportunity to practise with captains from reknown airlines for interviews, recruitment examinations and retraining. The FNPT II JET737 corresponds in almost all features to a B 737 NG. Our private pilots training is treated with the same degree of proficiency and attention to thoroughness as our courses for the vocational pupils. You will experience equal standards in preparation for your cherished private pilot hobby.

Drop by or ring us with all your important questions!

Edith and Michael Haeusler